Rider Riding

It had been a narrow escape from the temple grounds, nearly being caught by Caster more than once, but now Saber was closer to home or at least rescue. However in one respect Saber had perhaps only jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, as her current position was only a marginal improvement from being trapped in a literal gilded cage and forced to dress up for Casters whims.

Part of the problem had been that the Temple Caster resided at was located far away from the rest of the city, so the tiny Servant had a long way to go to reach anyone helpful. The other part was that as she was rounding a corner in the road someone most unwelcome had come around that same corner behind her. This was not the first time Saber had needed to hide to get out of someone's way, but this time the person in question was able to spot the shrunken woman diving into the underbrush on the side of the road and was able to see that she was not just a random squirrel.

Saber had hidden under the leaves quietly waiting for the cyclist to pass by, but to her great concern they instead stopped and parked their bicycle on the side of the road and began to walk towards her position. Suddenly their hand lashed out like a snake and grabbed onto her, and as Saber was pulled out of the underbrush she found out how apt that descriptor was.

Looking down at the catch in her hand Rider could not help but chuckle, not believing her luck in coming across the tiny Saber so defenseless like this. Many thoughts swirled around her mind of what to do in this situation, ranging from swallowing her whole right then and there to forcing her to swear an oath to her that Rider knew Saber was honorable enough to uphold. In the end Rider decided that it was not worth potentially annoying her Master Sakura by deciding without her input, so Rider put the decision on hold. Besides, she still had errands in town to run.

Saber was very nearly sweating as Rider stared down at her with amused eyes, and the sword wielding Servant began to fear the worst, especially as at one point the purple haired woman licked her lips. However what the other Servant elected to do shocked the blonde just a little, as Rider simply straightened up, and then dropped her down into the exposed top of her sweater bound cleavage. Of course saber immediately started to struggle, but Rider simply used a few fingers to push her down into the depths of her warm breasts, and then walked over to her bike and resumed using it.

Now Saber was continuously struggling to try and escape this warm jiggling quagmire, half of her desperate for escape and air as she was crushed by them and half of her royally pissed at being surrounded by breasts larger than she was. She was already mildly self-conscious enough about her bust size, this was just adding insult to injury! It certainly did not help that Rider was openly grinning and enjoying her struggles, glancing down on occasion to check on her, and she made no effort at all to reduce the impact of any bounces or jolts from the road, which just sent her bouncing around more and back down lower. In fact Rider might even have been looking for opportunities to make her chest bounce around more, just to torment her...

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by SednaStudio-Seneca

High resolution (2650x4096)

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