Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Today!

Greta Thumbsize Says: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Today!

Climate hero Greta Thumbsize wants you to take a BIG leap to towards saving the planet. With the help of activists at the BigEarthTM project, tech knowhow from Szalinzki Reduction Industries, and the good people at The Thumbsize Foundation, you can shrink your carbon footprint down to virtually nothing!

Greta says, “Once reduced, we find humans have a much better understanding of their position within the natural order. There’s no more dominating nature when you can’t even smell a rose without using climbing equipment! The attitude adjustment shrinking beings is an excellent wake-up call for our species.”

Every day, more and more BigEarthTM Reduction Centres are opening up in a city near you. With each Zappp! of a Szalinzki Reduction Industries Shrinking RayTM turning another one of Earth’s biggest problems into one of its littlest champions! Get a new perspective on life by joining Greta’s Mini Mission!

Story by Comrade
Artwork by ZeroHour99

High resolution (3508x4960)

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