Ralph (Literally) "Breaks" The Internet!

As Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz left to go to the Internet, Ralph got split up from Vanellope. While on his search for her, he stumbled across a few websites. One of those sites, shrinkfan.com, had a virus that broke out into the video game plaza...

It was a normal day at the video game plaza. Everyone was out and about. Both Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-It Felix were out and enjoying their day. Then, the lights started blinking on and off... and then stopped after a couple of seconds.

Sergeant Calhoun felt an odd sensation running through her body. She felt like her armor was somehow becoming... roomier? Glancing over at her husband, she noticed that Felix looked like he was getting taller. She assumed that this was all some sort of elaborate prank, but Felix assured her it wasn't. Both of her gloves slipped right off. Looking at her hands and watching them dwindle in real time, she finally realized that she was getting smaller and smaller. The space marine screamed.

Not only was she shrinking, every other female video game character within her line of sight seemed to be shrinking too. It was mass panic.

Most of Calhoun's armor fell off of her body. That meant that the only thing she had left on was her boots and her chest piece.

The lights flickered again and the shrinking stopped. There was nothing left of Princess Peach, Princess Zelda was the size of a doll, and countless others where left in a wide variety of various sizes... all smaller than they once were.

Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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