Pym Particle Problem

It was a night like any other in New York, Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova were locked in combat after the two ran into each other and it became clear that they were trying to complete opposite goals. The two women fought through their latest combat zone: a packed office building during a holiday party, they fought through the empty floors as the party raged on downstairs.

As they fought through the empty cubicles, Kate found it clear that she was getting cornered and made a break for an elevator, Yelena following close behind as she entered. The elevator door closed and the two women looked at each other and immediately started trading blows.

The elevator continued down - Yelena jabbed towards Kate, who narrowly missed it, causing Yelena to strike the emergency stop button- grinding the elevator to a halt. Kate lifted her bow to strike Yelena but Yelena anticipated the blow and knocked the bow out of Kate’s hands with a precise strike.

“Come on, Kate Bishop; you really think you can beat me with such a predictable move?” Yelena smirked.

“No, but I know I can beat you with this!” Kate exclaimed as she pulled an arrow from her quiver and attempted to strike Yelena with it, however she caught the tip, pulling it out of Kate’s hand and throwing it to the floor, chuckling as she crushed it under her boot.

“Yelena, no! You idiot!” Kate yelled as a blue gas began to fill the elevator. “Those were Pym Particles!”

As if on cue, a strange, pleasurable tingling began to pulse throughout the two women, causing a light moan to sound from Yelena as she began descending into her clothes. She looked down at Kate, who had a bashful look of pleasure upon her face as she seemed to be shrinking faster into her costume.

“This was your plan to beat me? I must admit, I like it very much.” Yelena giggled as she got smaller, finally disappearing into the labyrinth of clothes she once called a costume.

Meanwhile, Kate was having a much harder time trying to keep herself together, it seems the particles had concentrated a bit more on her than Yelena, causing her to shrink faster as well as feel more intense pleasure. She gasped as the intense pleasure of shrinking permeated through her body, watching as the once tight elevator grew into a cavernous tower. The buttons on the wall meeting her at eye level as she finally shrank completely into her costume. Finally after what felt like an eternity, Kate stopped shrinking and the intense feeling began to subside.

Still reeling from the pleasure, Kate sat in the darkness of her giant costume for a bit - attempting to compose herself before beginning to crawl out of what used to be her sleeve. She made her way down the now cavelike clothing until she finally crawled out of the hand hole, standing up only to immediately meet face first with Yelena’s chest, inadvertently burying her face in Yelena’s breasts. Yelena looked down at the embarrassed girl who now sat eye level with her breasts and laughed, obviously enjoying her new position.

“Well well well, Kate Bishop. Looks like you’ve really done it this time, look at us, a couple of cute little dolls.” Kate pushed Yelena away and shot her a glance of death.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like that I’m bigger than you now? I know I do!” Yelena teased.

“Stop it. We need to fix this now! I’m not some doll - and neither are you!” Kate fought back, frustrated at the situation. “Now we need to figure this out before somebody calls the elevator and finds us like this! I really don’t want to end up as somebody’s pet”

“Oh, calm down. It’s not that serious.” Yelena chided. With a jolt, the elevator came back online and began traveling down.

“Oh god.” Kate sighed as the elevator reached its destination. The doors began to open as the two doll sized women looked out, trying to anticipate whatever waited for them on the other end…

Story by Bgw560
Artwork by Josè

High resolution (3300x5100)

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