Professor Pruit's Last Entries

The following are excerpts from the digital recordings of Professor Wilma Pruit, who was last seen in the Amazon basin.

Entry 27: My plan to split off from the main expedition has paid off. I have found a tribe of tiny people only a foot in height. They are a beautiful and healthy people, wearing almost nothing. Despite my towering over them, they have no fear of me. The young, female hunter I met even allowed me to hold her in my hands.

Entry 31: I have gained the trust of the main tribe and have been invited to their village for a celebration. I've even been given a place of honor at the center of the village. Some of their huts seem to be made from Spanish Conquistador helmets and armor. They roasted jungle mice for a feast, presented me with a special drink, and danced before me as I drank. I believe that they have mistaken me for a goddess of some kind.

Entry 32: Something has gone horribly wrong! The drink they gave me has caused me to shrink in size! The... process has begun to slow, but I am now barely half their size. They've been taunting and teasing me, tearing up my clothes... keeping me naked... they're so much stronger than I am now. I have managed to get to my recorder to make this record. I'm going to try and slip out of the village and get back to my camp so that I can radio for help... I hope I stop shrinking soon.

Entry 33 (the final entry): ...too...small...wait...nooo... (Native voices followed by unintelligible squeaking)

Story by lbh
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3300x5100)

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