Product Placement

“Welcome to Morning Cup of Joe, with your host, Alice Knight!”

"Today we will be introducing our favorite fashion maker, Kate McGowan! What do you have for us today, Kate? Oh, in case anyone watching lives under a rock, Miss McGowan is the CEO of Sizetek. Sizetek makes products for the modern woman, from form-altering clothes and height-boosting shoes that keep us fashionable, to the more 'discreet' toys and perfumes to spice the night."

"Don't forget our other daily accessories, we just came out with a booster seat that has built in foot-extenders, so you don't have to call a taxi to get to work when you can't reach the pedals on your own! I'm so glad to be here, Alice. It's always a pleasure to give you and your viewers a sneak peek on our newest products. Today is a special one that will be released at this year's Sizecon."

Kate reaches into her purse and pulls out a device that looks a bit like a smartphone.

"A very special team from Sizetek developed this from discovering how exactly our bodies react when we dwindle." Kate aimed the device at Alice, and soon the woman began to shrink, her clothes shrinking along with her at first, save for her heels which slipped off. "I see you're wearing some of our Sizetek brand."

"Well, of course! I can't be caught exposed if some hunk like Captain Britannia from the Revengers decided to come on stage!" Alice gives a wink to the audience, who cheer in response. "After this, sweeties. He's all muscle and ready to fight crime!"

"They've used many of our products in those movies and will soon be using this latest item to help the Fairy Knight fight her foes as the size of a real fairy. No more CGI. I'm telling you, Alice: your name must be fate, as you're about to be going into wonderland here! This remote will be the must-have item of the holidays. I'll show you some of its other features later, but I'll just say that we've learned how to alter your body on a whole new level. You want to be thinner? We can shrink the fat. Maybe you want your backside to fill out your favorite skirt? It could even lengthen your hair in seconds. We've also managed to get it to work on guys! Anyone on the short side and doesn't want to be? Well, we've got that fixed too. Best of all: as long as you finalize the changes with a special key remote for this remote, you won't ever have to worry about reverting back."

"Oh... but, I will, right? I mean. I can't stay small like Dore--" Alice pauses and grips at her skirt, which was no longer tight enough to keep shrinking with her as it slipped down. "U-uhm... my skirt wasn't designed to be smaller than this." Alice gives a nervous smile and waves at the audience and camera. "Kate McGowen, everyone! CEO of Sizetek and creator of the Sizetek universal remote!"

Kira, sitting on her sofa, is boiling with fury as she watches the whole thing.

"That bitch!" Kira yells, "She stole my prototype!"

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (5100x3300)

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