Practicing Her Spells

Chris’s wife Jennifer was a practicing witch. Emphasis on the word practicing. One day, Jennifer wanted to practice some spells on Chris (which he was always willing to do).

First, she cast a spell to transform Chris into a thick curvy woman. Jennifer was surprised by the effectiveness of the spell when Chris turned out very chubby and sporting two of the biggest breasts she’d ever seen. “Whoops! Sorry honey! Let me see if I can fix this...” Jennifer quickly thumbed through her spell book. “Aha! Let’s try this...”

Jennifer cast another spell... and immediately knew that she'd fucked up. She had cast a shrinking spell (thinking it would make Chris a little bit smaller), but it shrunk her instead! She was now only 3 inches tall! She looked up at her chubby husband as he loomed over her with his huge boobs hanging from his chest. “Shit... you really fucked up now, didn’t you, Jen?”

Chris reached down to grab his tiny wife and placed her on the table next to her spell book. “Try again, but please try not to mess this one up!”

Story by Gendersize
Artwork by Wiidstep

High resolution (1800x2352)

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