One Extreme to Another (Alternate Page)

Nina continued slowly shrinking and she was loving every minute of it... although she was starting to become worried about when it would stop. The clothing she just bought was already getting too big. She measured herself when she got home and was shocked to discover that she was already a couple of inches under five foot. Nina attempted to call the doctor, but his voicemail advised that he was on vacation.

She put all her fears in the back of her mind and tried to stay positive.

The next day, she went shopping to find some better fitting clothes. Her mind was so busy that she didn't realize that she'd shrunk a few more inches overnight. The combination of her ill-fitting clothing and the extra tall people passing her by made Nina feel smaller than ever.

She stopped at her favorite coffee shop and was amazed by how spacious her usual seat was now. The chair was so big that she couldn’t reach the floor anymore!

Shopping was a much more difficult experience than she was anticipating. The only clothing she was able to find that fit her new frame were in the pre-teen and children's section. While waiting in the checkout line, she felt a strong tingling sensation and quickly shrank another three inches.

Nina nearly let out a scream as she ran home.

She called her friend Sarah and asked her to come over. Sarah was shocked when she saw how small her formerly giant friend had become. Likewise, Nina couldn’t believe that her petite friend was now a towering giantess. From Nina's reduced perspective, the blond looked like she was easily over nine feet tall!

Nina tried to quickly explain the situation to her friend... until she felt the tingling sensation return. She immediately shrank another four inches.

Nina felt tears welling up in her eyes until Sarah scooped her up and brought her in for a tight hug. It wasn’t anything special, but she was relieved that she wouldn’t be alone.

Story by Knightstable
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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