Noticed at Last

Alicia looked around cautiously as she made sure her charge wasn't hidden, waiting to pounce like a predator, and her the meek prey. She knew she could handle a two-year-old when she was normal sized, but at the size of a doll? She stood no chance. She would just be a child's plaything.

Once she saw the coast was clear, she made a bee line for her husband sleeping atop the couch. She climbed quickly, as she could hear the reminder of her attire crinkle with each move.

Once she made it up the couch, she made quick work of getting onto his thigh. Once on top of his thigh, she began to stomp, wave, and yell at her husband, her tiny voice finally waking her husband as he peered down at her. He knew that this sort of thing was possible with her and secretly looked forward to it. He asked if she was okay, and she nodded.

Story by txk
Artwork by Seduction Studio-Celestin

High resolution (3211x4962)

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