No Refunds!

Open your own shop, they said. You're your own boss and accountable to no one, they said.

And now a small, naked magician stands in front of me and yells at me because I accidentally sold a "broken" spell.

Not entirely wrong. The spell was meant to empower, not transfer height from one person to another. Never work tired, I guess.

To make matters worse, this other person is now probably the largest existing goblin ever and unfortunately also completely content with her new size.

One threatens to send the Mages Guild after me, and the other threatens to chop my head off if I undo the spell? Holy...

Maybe I should just go back to bed. Will anyone miss these two when I turn them into quiet, cute little rabbits...?

Story by Callrudy
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (4125x6263)

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