New Pokemon

Upon hearing of a previously undiscovered field hidden on Armor Isle, the three young ladies set off to study and possibly catch this strange new (and seemingly uncatchable) pokemon.

When they finally reach the edge of the field, they are greeted by a slightly familiar pokemon: it looks like a Pikachu... except it's smaller, green, and says "Shrinkachu" instead of "Pikachu". Oh, and they quickly find out that its main attack can cause a "big" problem for anyone that falls victim to it as the girls begin to shrink slowly out of their clothes.

They look out and see many other ladies trying to catch Shrinkachus and suffering the same fate.

Officer Jenny looks down and notices the pokeball she was going to use is now the size of a beach ball... and getting bigger!

Story by Silverwolf76
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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