Mousy and Micro

Aurora was always shy and self-conscious about her appearance. She had been made fun of as the school's resident "short stack" since puberty caused her to develop amazing curves but not get any taller. Lindsey, on the other hand, had grown taller but not developed any curves and she was absolutely jealous of Aurora's body.

Lindsey loved to bully poor Aurora and today would've been no different except for one peculiar thing. Aurora began to shrink as she became increasingly embarrassed by her torment. Lindsey thought this was hilarious, and maybe even a little arousing, and kept on bullying Aurora and making fun of the mousy girl becoming smaller and smaller until she seemingly vanished from sight on the tip of her finger.

As Aurora dwindled down past the size of dust mites and skin flakes into an increasingly alien landscape, she had no idea that she would lose the title of "patient zero" for the Female Rapid Reduction Virus to that bitch, Lindsey, who would end up reduced to the size of a flea by this time tomorrow.

Story by Raso
Artwork by Seduction Studio-Celestin

High resolution (3425x4961)

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