Mommy Dearest

Alice comes home for Thanksgiving, happy but reluctant to see her family after many years of a strained relationship. She shows up knocking on the door. Her mother answers, dressed in what looks like maybe a little too revealing of an outfit.

Embarrassed, her daughter enters the house. They sit and talk for a while, her mother talking about how she wants her baby back. Alice says she is an adult and far too old for that. Before long, Alice's mother gets up to get them both coffee, bringing it back and setting it down saying, "With milk, just how you like it." Her shirt has new wet spots on the front.

Alice drinks and begins shrinking into her clothes. Her mom smiles deeply as Alice freaks out, being picked up and led to a side room that has a full nursery in it! She is diapered by her mother and laid across her lap. Brought to her mother's lactating breast, she is forced to feed, using her diaper out of fear (and possibly a side effect from the milk). This is her life now and forever.

Story by Alice
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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