Molecule Lady's Bizarre Adventure

Once Mt. Lady had shrank past the size of atoms, she found herself floating and shrinking towards a universe not too different from her own. Upon realizing what the tiny universe was, she found herself large enough to hold galaxies in her hands. The most surprising thing, at first, was that she was still able to breathe. She continued to shrink through space, planets zooming past her as they grew to enormous sizes and disappeared among the stars. The space-breathing didn't last long, as the shrinking continued and eventually she landed on a planet much like her own Earth.

It wasn't exactly her Earth, however. No one had any quirks here. Instead there were monsters that were caught and battled between trainers. This newly discovered culture did interest her, but she didn't have time to learn much about it before she shrank out of sight again. During this dangerously tiny time, one of these monsters (one that looked similar to a purple rat) was chasing her. She thankfully shrank out of sight before it could capture her.

The process seemed to repeat itself continually, as she would enter one universe and then shrink out of it before long. Mt. Lady typically landed on a planet that looked similar to Earth and was mostly inhabited by humans (or human-like beings). At first, she would be so large compared to each new universe that simple movements would cause major disasters... only for her to shrink smaller and smaller before she slipped out of that world again.

The worlds that she entered were varied and wonderful. One world was inhabited by pirates with quirk-like abilities, many of them looking for a very valuable treasure. Another had beings powerful enough to destroy planets that thankfully wasted their time fighting amongst themselves instead. Another had a giant woman of their own who wielded a mighty hammer and was in love with a fairy!

After shrinking from one universe to the next, Mt. Lady began to lose hope. She was on the verge of accepting that she would never stop shrinking. However, her salvation came when she shrank into a universe where magic was prevalent. In this world, she came across a being who had size-changing abilities that made her own pale in comparison. Her name was Brandish, and not only could she make herself any size she wanted... but she could change the size of other objects and people as well!

With a simple thought and flick of her finger, Brandish was able to stop Mt. Lady's shrinking, which the formerly-gigantic superheroine was very pleased with. Unfortunately, she'd been stopped at only a couple of inches tall (at least, in comparison to the other people of this world). Although Brandish could enlarge the heroine to a more normal size, she chose not to. She preferred to keep Mt. Lady at her current stature.

Brandish also made sure to remind this traveller from a macroverse that the only reason that she had stopped shrinking was because of Brandish's mercy. If Mt. Lady were to ever annoy her, then she would only need to lift the counter-spell and the shrinking would continue on again without end!

Story by a0040pc
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (3300x5100)

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