Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid Beer Bath

After a long day of work, Miss Kobayashi opened her apartment door with a long sigh. "Ahh what a day! Tohru are you there?"

"Welcome back Miss Kobayashi. You had a rough day?" asked Tohru.

"Yeah, it was. Tohru, beer please!"

As Kobayashi sat down, Tohru walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer can. Then Tohru poured the beer in a glass and set the glass in front of her.

"Ah, I wish I could bathe myself in beer right now," said Miss Kobayashi.

Tohru then had a devious smile. "Well, I could arrange that." Tohru then raised her finger, pointing it at Kobayashi.

"What’s going on? I feel tingling." Kobayashi was shrinking. Her clothes were getting bigger and heavier, and she sank right into them. Kobayashi then poked her head out. "Tohru what the hell! I’m tiny and naked!"

"Well, you did say you wanted to bathe in beer. Now you can, and besides, you look absolutely adorable."

Tohru then reached down, picked up Kobayashi, and dropped her in the glass of beer.

"Tohru, you should give me some warning when you do stuff like this. Also, your maid clothes are not up to standards, and also why are you such a pain all the time?" said Kobayashi as she was slurring her words.

"You’re already drunk!"

"Hey, Tohru, you should relax to drink some beer with me."

"You’re swimming in the only glass."

"Just drink! It’s just us girls. Play with me!"

Tohru smiled and said, "You asked for it."

Tohru grabbed the glass and started drinking, eventually slurping up Kobayashi. After drinking all the beer and leaving Kobayashi in her mouth, Tohru started tasting her like a cold drop. "Oh, Kobayashi, you taste so good. I’m so tempted to swallow you."

Tohru then came to her senses and spit Kobayashi out on her hand.
"Hey, why did you stop? I thought dragons eat people alive and such."

"Tempting, but I think you had enough, and it’s time for bed." Tohru then opened her shirt, revealing her bra, and dropped Kobayashi right in her cleavage, then squished her in. "Good night, Miss Kobayashi. See you in the morning."

Story by Sayist123
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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