Miniature Midnight

After Ant-Man and his equipment were captured during the events of the superhero community's civil war, Tony Stark had been given the chance that had long eluded his father to finally study perfected Pym Particles. He had promptly put this opportunity to great use and developed a series of formidable new Pym Particle-based weapons. Unlike the original version of the technology, Tony's variation also shrank an individual's physical strength in proportion with their height and rendered them harmless when shrunk small enough.

With the forces of Thanos set to invade the Earth, the Avengers knew they had to use every weapon at their disposal. Thus, the Battle of Wakanda would be their first use of this tech in the field.

Naturally, Proxima Midnight (formerly one of the Mad Titan's most feared generals), knew none of this when she was tagged with one.

Story by Cobalt
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (3300x5100)

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