Microscopic Ending

Alice loved her job at the massage parlor, due to this parlor being fundamentally different from others; this parlor allowed it clients to grow and shrink their hostess.

Alice was having a great day as she was with her favorite customer, Gramps. He was extremely friendly, often relaying sound advice above life, which she followed without fail. He also happened to be a world record holder for his manhood which happened to be an extraordinary 18 inches while erect.

She always offered him a happy ending, even if it was against company policy but, unfortunately for her, he always declined speaking of the importance of keeping ones job. He also usually made her grow larger which always annoyed her; she always wanted to be tiny and watch his vast manhood rise from that perspective.

Today, however, was her lucky day. She actually asked a manger if it was okay for her to provide gramps with a happy ending, and due to their great relationship, her manager reluctantly accepted.

Now all Alice had to do was convince gramps. Luckily for her, she didn't need to do much. Her manager informed him that it was okay and he accepted as well; he knew how much she wanted this.

After finishing the massage, Alice immediately moved towards his cock, ripping off the towel and grabbing his manhood. Once erect, Gramps looked at the menu and asked Alice what would make the experience better for her. Without hesitation, she spouted out 'shrinking' as her fantasies slowly became reality.

Gramps opened the shrinking menu and then he made a humongous error. He was used to operating the growth menu which worked by adding height, in feet, to the masseuse's existing height; Gramps would usually just typed in 'one' and nothing more, making Alice's height grow by a single foot; from 5'8'' to 6'8''.

However, the shrinking menu worked differently; Not by subtracting, but by changing their height directly to millimeters! By typing 'one' he’d accidentally chosen Alice’s height to be 1 millimeter!

Almost immediately, Alice shot down from 5' 8'' to 1mm; falling straight into the, now giant, man's pubes. Dazed, Alice rested on his massive erect manhood blown away by how vast it was from her current position as she stared up at it.

In a instant, she was snapped back to reality by a voice as loud as thunder. “Alice! Jump up and down on me so I know where you are!”

She complied and within a moment, she saw two humongous fingers slowly breach the pube forest canopy and pick her up. While resting in the palm of his hand, Alice began to appreciate how much she loved the scale she was and found herself entranced and lost in the situation she was in, eagerly touching herself.

Gramps, however, was not at all relaxed. He was scared for his now microscopic friend as the slightest wrong movement from him and she was dead. Yet, he also found it impossible to get rid of his growing erection incited by the microscopic woman enjoying herself on his palm.

Placing her down in front of his cock, he decided to try and fix the situation, although he only made it worse! By deleting the 'one', the device went into auto-fix to make sure Alice didn’t shrink to nothing, but instead shrunk her to the smallest size possible; a 10th of a millimeter!

Alice watched as the world around her expanded again as Gramps' penis went from a skyscraper to a mountain, and she decided that she wanted to climb it just like one.

Story by Bob Mill
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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