Method Actresses

At the beginning of the year 2023, the proposal for a film of the fairy tale Thumbelina was announced, and for this adaptation, they were looking for two actresses who could give life to the protagonist and a new character which would be a friend who, like Thumbelina, would be a tiny woman. Jenna Ortega had gone to the casting just like Zendaya, but seeing that both were going to be selected for the roles, Jenna came up with a fun idea and asked the directors for time so they could both prepare for the filming of the movie.

Leaving the Paramount offices, Jenna proposed to take a trip to Guillermo del Toro's birthplace where they would find the necessary help to delve into the character. Jenna said, "If you want to win the leading role, accept this little essay method, maybe it will help you improve in your career."

Zendaya said, "Sounds interesting, but why would a trip to Mexico help us? What are you up to? Is it because of the vegetation in some places? Because if so, we should just go camping in a forest and problem solved."

"Thanks to my father, I know someone who can help us. It's not the first time he's offered this kind of support. Haven't you seen the work of Aisling Loftus in the 2011 film The Borrowers?"

"Did your friend help her? Haha, in the same way, what is his price for the service he offers? A personal trainer in Hollywood must be more expensive."

"It's not that expensive, but maybe he can make an exception. He's a fan of yours, and he'll agree to help you."

Having said this, both actresses made their trip to Mexico where they met Miguel, an old friend of Jenna's who had been working on her graduation project, and after hearing the story, agreed with both actresses.

Zendaya said, "Muchas Gracias for your help. Does Jenna tell me that you helped Aisling Loftus but that movie didn't come out in your childhood?"

Miguel replied, "Oh! She exaggerated in that. It was my father who gave her help, but I am improving the method for you, so you can say that you two will be the first to experience it. Caramba, this will sound weird but try to stay calm at all times. You may feel dizzy, but Jenna will be with you at all times, so she will be your support as she is more experienced with this. Esta lista, quietas."

Zendaya, upon hearing her warning, became concerned, to which a brief explanation was given by the actress with Latin roots, which caused concern to appear on her face. It was never expected that the test method involved a reduction in height, but before saying an objection, she was surrounded by a red light and in succession she felt the enlargement of her clothes and shoes. His expression said it all, and Ortega was amused.

When they finished, they were carefully taken to the back garden, and they were left with a microphone so they could let them know if they needed anything.

Story by SilverCrow98
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (4400x6800)

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