Method Actresses 2

After being placed in Miguel's garden, both girls decide to start their new acting adventure, but before that Zendaya observes that their reduction seems to have gone further than that. Jenna Ortega was now taller than the 26-year-old actress, her face was red with embarrassment and also from her dissatisfaction when she noticed how Jenna noticed her and tried to lift her up now that Zendaya was shoulder height to the Latin American actress.

"Hehe come here sweetie, if you get tired during the day, you know I can carry you with confidence." Jenna laughed as she tried to lift Zendaya up with her arms.

"What are you saying?! Of course not, let-leave me! I'll go find something to use, something that is neither poisonous nor bothersome to my skin," Zendaya said as she managed to let go and walk away from her little companion.

"Honey, maybe you should come with me this way. I think there's something we can use if you follow me." Jenna was smirking as she pointed to a cleared area of ​​grass, but otherwise the tanned-tea actress made her way into the garden, ignoring Jenna's suggestion.

As she walked, she looked around hearing the birds sing and also observed the different garden tools that were on the path. This made her more nervous, and this was because being so small, anything insignificant for an average-sized human could crush her or even the beautiful birds would become her predators. She did not want to imagine being taken by the arms by a bird to be dinner for its chicks or even ending up freeing herself. In a distant area of ​​the house of Miguel, Jenna's friend, he was the only one who could return her to her normal height, and she did not want to imagine the other dangers that would be outside the residence.

After a few hours, Zendaya returned with a bikini top made with grass and a skirt based on chamomile flower petals. She also had some small scratches on her legs, and her hair was messy.

"Hey chaparrita! How was your day of shopping in nature? Toda una aventura, verdad? Can you believe that my friend will treat us like we are in a fancy hotel while we are tiny and vulnerable to the outside world?" Jenna said while she was sitting on the edge of a plate, eating some Mole with rice.

"B-but... what does all this mean? Did he bring you doll clothes to wear and food too?" The brunette looked in amazement at everything that her host had given them, however she did not find any clothes that she could wear.

"Don't bother little one, I told him that after he left you shrank a little more than expected. His cousin Fatima will come later to take your measurements and make something special for you. Come eat for now, this is nothing more than the hospitality of this country." Jenna smiled as she made space for Zendaya to sit while the latter went over everything her unnecessary adventure to get clothes and find the best place to sleep.

Zendaya is now more sure that this was all a trick by Jenna to make fun of her and make anecdotes to tell at ceremonies and interviews. "This is definitely not the first time you've come here to shrink yourself, is it?" She looked resentfully at her Latin counterpart, crossing her arms. Ms. Coleman hoped she could adjust to being tiny soon and find out why Jenna dragged her into this dilemma.

Story by SilverCrow98
Artwork by WantedWaifus-Tristan

High resolution (3000x4636)

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