Meeting Tina

After moving to the city where Sizetek Headquarters was located, Kira started to settle into a new apartment, a new (and higher paying) position, and also her new dating life.

She had recently met a young mother named Tina on a dating app and it wasn't long until they were video-calling each other. Kira loved showing off a new device that was still in development: something she was trying to finish before presenting it at her company as a potential product. Over the calls, Kira would use it while explaining how it manipulated the gene that caused shrinking in women... as well as other things.

It also wasn't long before Tina suggested that they meet up.

When Tina arrived, Kira was already three and a half feet tall, with a "shortstack" body, having used the "remote" to enhance her curves as she got smaller. Kira waited for the motherly woman she had been flirting with to open the door, the knob just out of reach (since she didn't want to use the remote to make herself taller so soon). When Tina entered, Kira leaned against the door frame wearing a T-shirt which hung down to her ankles and exposed a breast.

"About time you came. Now, what was that about me being your perfect Hobbit pet?"

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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