Magical Pranking Goes South

Tessearana was in one of the nicer bars in her city, looking over some of the more recently acquired additions to her personal supply of wine when the friendly mage walked in.

Rivianaa had known Tess for a few years. Their friendship was a little more than just that at times, and she was enjoying the offer to work in the small kingdom.

Tess had been reading over some spells earlier when she'd come across one that she knew she'd have to test out on her old friend.

"Rivianaa, dear, would you care to help me out with testing a spell?"

Tessearana casted it on her blue-skinned friend before she could answer.

Rivianaa felt her body shrink and compact in on itself, her view going from looking down at the Queen to having to crane her head upwards at her within moments. Soon, she was smaller than a Gnome and swimming in her clothes. However, she did not panic or scream in surprise. Helping her Queen test out new spells from old tomes was something Rivianaa had become accustomed to.

What Tess had not anticipated was that Rivianaa had just bought a new ring that reflected some of the spell back onto her. Shortly after the mage had vanished into her robes, the playful royal was soon following her down. Her crown slipping off her head as she gasped, she looked down in time to watch her clothing swallow up her body. Finally, her transformation completed as her height become equal to that of the average Dwarf.

"Maybe you should have let me take my ring off?"

Rivianaa teased, winking and giggling at her Queen as her mind turned to thinking about all of the games they would play together that night.

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Amblagar

High resolution (2500x1667)

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