Magic vs Science

Tina had never thought she would be involved in a competition like this. She was expecting to stop her enemy or see if a certain group of reality travelers were making mischief again.

But what she ran into was a magic user who specialized in matter manipulation and her companion; another magic user, with blonde hair. It was not something that Tina had to worry about it, but the magic user's snarky attitude pissed Tina off. After a heated discussion, both Tina and the magic user went to shrink each other.

The magic user was quicker on the draw, but, luckily, Tina couldn't be affected by such attacks. However, what it did do, was knock Tina's aim off and make her accidentally hit the magic user's companion. Tina also didn't notice, that the magic user's attack hit Sarah, her own companion!

When Tina looked back, she found the magic user still full-sized, but her companion half-sized, her breasts still at their normal size, and her clothes all on the ground. Before she could say anything, she heard Sarah make a small gasp, and saw that Sarah had also been shrunken out of her own clothes, breasts also unaffected.

Story by JoeBlue
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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