Lost in an Ocean of Silk

She was still groggy and unsure of where she was. The last thing she remembered was collapsing in the middle of the dormitory hallway. She was hit by a sudden, uncontrollable wave of arousal that was so strong she began frantically orgasming and thrashing right there on the floor. She remembered she had felt lightheaded as though she were floating or falling the whole time before she passed out mid-orgasm. Now she lay in an unrecognizable and alien landscape, naked and alone. She shivered as her fingers idly began playing with her engorged clit. She was in such a daze, she had no idea she was working up to yet another orgasm.... nor did she notice the threads of her now massive panties slowly expanding underneath her as she started shrinking once more. How small would she get this time?

Story by Raso
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (5001x7483)

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