Little Sister's Revenge

Mean, bratty, 20-year-old cheerleader Melissa walks in on Katy, her nerdy 18-year-old sister. Katy is bobbing her head to some music while working on her college science project. It was, in fact, a Justin Timberlake CD she'd borrowed from Melissa's room, which Melissa was none too happy about.

"Katy!" Melissa shouted at her little sister, "What have I told you about taking my stuff!?" She grabbed the CD from the CD player, causing Katy to get up and try to grab it back.

"Hey, give that back! Don't be so mean, Melissa!" Melissa held the CD above her head as the much shorter Katy tried (and failed) to reach for it.

"Aww, poor little Katy! It's a shame you're not bigger, shrimp!"

Humiliated, Katy suddenly had an idea, and activated the matter reducer science project she was working on. Pointing the device at the confused Melissa, Katy shrunk her older sister down to a mere six inches tall, shrinking her straight out of her clothes. Naked and shocked, Melissa stood in a puddle of giant clothes, panties, and sneakers. Katy stood over her diminished tormentor, grinning down as she lifted her bare foot into the air above her sister...

"Time for a little payback... shrimp!"

Story by v00d00
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (3475x5100)

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