Little League

After an unfortunate, yet erotic, lab accident permanently shrunk the staff and students of all-female St. Alice’s College to the size of perfume bottles, life surprisingly continued (mostly) as normal. The girls of Corridor 6, now living in a few bespoke shoeboxes, had reformed their little volleyball team down at ankle-height. Coached by the matronly Head of the Sports Psychology Department and containing some of the finest ornament-sized athletes the campus had to offer, venues like countertops, mouse mats, kitchen tables, and Lego Areas didn’t know what hit them! Now re-branded from the "Dragons" to the "Dormice", the bouncy babes were now looking forward to their biggest challenge yet: Uncorking that GIANT bottle of champagne!

Story by Comrade
Artwork by ZeroHour99

High resolution (3508x2480)

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