Little Fred on a Short Leash

"I know, honey. I know. It feels weird, but it's almost over," reassured Dr. Ashanti as her assistant held the miniature naked man with a digital thermometer inserted in his ass.

"Please don't do this to me!" begged Fred, on the verge of tears. "This is so degrading and humiliating! Lara, please make them stop!"

"Just relax baby and I'll give you some yummy cheese for being such a good boy," promised Nurse Sabrina to the little man. "Calm down and don't fight me."

"Sweetie, I know you're really embarrassed about being so tiny and naked with all these big women manhandling you, but you will adjust and this is all for your own good," explained Lara. "We have to make sure you're healthy in your new shrunken state. We also need to hurry up and get this over with, because I still have to stop by the store to get your food for the week, sign you up with an obedience trainer, and I have an early dinner date with Jessie this evening."

"There! All finished," declared an exhausted Dr. Ashanti. "Now, was that so bad? Was that worth all that fuss? You're just a little wiggle worm, aren't you?"

As Sabrina sat Fred down on the stainless steel examination table, Dr. Ashanti took a playful swipe at his tiny nose with her index finger. Visibly shaken and scared, Fred knelt on the cold metallic table between the three enormous women, rubbing his sore bare butt from the large thermometer being inserted into it. As he sat there in humiliating shame, his mind began to wonder, "Who is Jessie?" Nurse Sabrina came over and dispensed a small amount of cheese from an aerosol can onto the table in front of the poor, tiny, naked man as his reward... but he paid it little attention.

Lara's best friend Cecilia sat nearby, watching while desperately trying to hide her amusement at the spectacle she just witnessed. Her shrunken pet girl Diana stood, unashamed and unabashed in her bare nakedness, on her tip toes in the seat next to Cecilia as she tried to catch a glimpse of the shrunken man.

"Please, Lara, give me something to wear! Anything! Just let me cover up so that I'm not completely naked in front of everyone!"

"Freddie, we already discussed this," explained a visibly annoyed Lara. "Shrunken men don't wear clothes. Just like shrunken women. You are my pet now. Not my husband. Besides, you don't fit into any of your old clothes anyway, so I dropped them all off at the donation center earlier this week. Diana isn't complaining about being naked, so be a good little man and behave like her! Plus, you and I know damn well if our roles were reversed, you would have me sitting buck-ass naked on that examination table too."

Fred had been permanent reduced by the shrinking virus and was having his first visit to the local miniature persons hospital: Skyview Veterinary Clinic. He was legally no longer classified as human, just like little Diana, so his marriage to Lara was annulled and she became his owner by de jure. Only 1 in 2 million men are ever minimized by the virus compared to the much more common 1 in 100,000 for women, so Fred never thought in a billion years he would ever find himself in this situation. He had always figured that if anything was going to happen, Lara would end up being his naked little pet; not him being her's!

The shrinking virus is activated by a genetic abnormality in the X chromosome, which is why it affects women far more often than men.

Nurse Sabrina turned to Cecilia and Diana and commented, "Your little Freckled Irish Ginger is so adorable and well-behaved. She is so curious and interested in little Freddie over there. Does she still speak?" Nurse Sabrina then playfully tousled Diana's beautiful soft red hair and caressed her silky smooth chin to the little lady's delight.

Lara translated what Sabrina had asked into Spanish (since Cecilia was not completely fluent in English). "Gracias. No, me quitaron sus cuerdas vocales cuando la conseguí," replied Cecilia.

"She says she had her vocal cords scorched when she claimed her so that Diana would better adjust to her pet status," explained Lara. "I may need to think about doing that with Freddie too after today's circus. Cecilia was a cleaning lady in Diana's dormitory building at her university. She had been studying nursing as a Freshman before she shrank 8 years ago and Raquel found her. It's probably why she is so curious."

Turning their attention back to Fred, Dr. Ashanti asked, "Now Ms. Lara, do you want to go ahead and schedule Little Freddie here for his castration surgery or did you decide on a penectomy instead?" The doctor's question sent a chill of horror down Fred's exposed spine. "Since mini-breeding is forbidden, shrunken males are always sterilized in this way to insure the virus can't mutate or become vaccine resistant when these tiny horn toads attempt to have sex with shrunken females," explained the doctor.

"I think removing his penis may be better than the removal of his testicles," answered Lara. "Freddie may still be able to orgasm with a lot of work even without his dick, but this should make him more manageable. I don't want him to loose his muscle mass or tone, but I don't want to go through the legal trouble or expense either. I would like to start training him for the pet shows since he is a rare male specimen. What would you prefer Freddie?"

Before the stunned and terrified Fred could even respond, Cecilia interjected with, "¿Por qué no ambos? Hazlo limpio y suave." She then gave a firm chopping motion with her hand and clicked her tongue. She then pointed to Diana's tiny exposed crotch and said, "Él será más suave que ella." Little Diana was visibly disturbed by her Mistress's suggestion and Fred sat anxiously confused waiting for Lara to translate what she had said into English.

Lara laughed and explained to Nurse Sabrina and Dr. Ashanti that Raquel had suggested she could always remove both to great alarm of the tiny pet man.

"Sure," agreed Dr. Ashanti. "They now have whole divisions for nullos or we can even prescribe him some hormone replacement supplements. We can snip off all that low hanging fruit down there, get it all smoothed out, and you can still train him for the shows. You can get rid of all those annoying male sexual and bathroom habits. Besides, it's not like Freddie here is able to pleasure any of us anymore! We'll turn him into a living Ken doll when it's all said and done!"

As the giant women had a good laugh at tiny Fred's expense, Lara agreed with Dr. Ashanti's recommendation and scheduled his surgery. Fred just sat there naked, quietly sobbing and pathetically stroking his precious manhood while he still could.

Diana sat back in disappointment, knowing that she just lost a very rare opportunity to have sex with a male the same size as herself. She would just have to continue to settle for Cecilia petting her itsy-bitsy clit and fingering her teeny tiny vagina every night on the sofa while they watch Spanish telenovelas. At least that's better than whatever poor Freddie will be getting from now on for sexual pleasure... perhaps he will be more welcoming of that digital thermometer on future visits!

Story by Smaller55
Artwork by Altercomics-Bazan

High resolution (3714x6000)

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