Life in the Farm...

Ever since Erin had first heard about her roomie Scarlett's secret shrinking powers and fetish, Erin had become obsessed with it. She begged her roommate incessantly and eventually convinced Scarlett to shrink her for the weekend.

The sensation had left her speechless. Erin's pants became drenched from her first orgasm before she'd even shrunk a full two feet. Her skin tingled. Every time Scarlett touched her, electricity fizzled across Erin's body. She loved it. Holding Scarlett's breasts and sucking on her nipples as they outgrew her gave her a thrill like none before. She'd even mounted one of her friend's enormous tits and road the jiggling flesh like a mechanical bull.

When Erin had finally worn herself out sexually, she found herself small enough to play in Scarlett's doll house. Her roomie happily dressed her in several cute little outfits... until Erin found herself shrinking out of them just like she had her own clothes.

"Scarlett..." she shivered, "J-just how small am I going to get?"

Scarlett winked in response. "Don't worry. It stops all on it's own."

Scarlett's fingers stroked up and down Erin's spine and leg as she dwindled under 3 inches and kept shrinking.

"Y-You lied to me!" Erin's voice was barely audible as she squeaked accusingly. "I wasn't ever supposed to get this tiny..."

The half-inch tall blond hugged herself to keep warm, still watching the floor of the doll house rise up to meet her.

Scarlett laughed. "I also told you it'd wear off by Monday!" She shook her head. "How could anything like this just 'wear off'? Don't worry. You're not the first roommate this has happened to. I have somewhere you'll be safe."

Scarlett made Erin cling to the end of a toothpick before gently dropping her off inside an ant farm. Erin had never looked very closely at it before, but now she realized that the farm held something other than insects. Erin cowered in the entrance to one of the tunnels, the shock and denial still written across her face.

Another shrunken woman peeked out of the tunnel. "She did it to you too, huh? At least you're not alone," the woman said. "She keeps us warm and well fed, if that's any comfort..."

Story by ArcaneBEFan
Artwork by Milton Estevam

High resolution (4021x3224)

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