Kristan to Cartoon

"Well, now that that date's over I can do some more of my project..." Kristan announced to herself as she opened up the art program on her desktop. It was late, and she needed the project done before class on Monday, but that wasn't going to stop her from at least attempting to have a social life.

As she worked on her newest cartoon character, a power surge hit her dorm building, causing the lights to flicker off and on, and her graphics tablet grew distorted, actually shocking her hand. As she was recovering from what just happened, lights once again stabilizing to their uniform glow, she looked down at the tablet and saw her character was gone from the screen.

"Aaaaah! Nooo, I didn't save!" Kristain wailed, though her dread from lost work was quickly being replaced by a new feeling, one she couldn't describe. Soon terror takes over as the unidentified feeling causes her tan wedges leave the floor, followed quickly by her rear lifting off the seat, followed even more quickly by a frighteningly strong pull towards the desktop, her drawing hand already stuck fast to the tablet. She looks around, flailing for purchase as the world grows around her, and fast!

Soon her hand sinks into the screen, and through it she sees her hand, looking like a cartoon version of itself as it continues to press into the emptiness of the blank canvas. Hand leads to arm, arm leads to shoulder, shoulder leads to head, and before Kristan knew it she was pulled entirely inside the tablet! Somehow getting to her feet in the endless void, she looks up and see her tablet's screen like an enormous skylight, and in the reflection of the screen she sees a cartoon version of herself.

"Oh no! What's happened!?" She starts to panic. She attempts to push back out, but only manages to stretch the invisible barrier like rubber until she gets flung back into the white nothingness.

"I'm stuck as a cartoon, what's going to happen when someone gets back?" She asked herself as fear takes over.She doesn't have to wait long, though, as soon her roommate Dani comes in. They were both given the same project and were working as partners. She soon sits down at the computer and is shocked to see a cartoon version of Kristan, frozen in place as soon as Dani picked up the stylus.

"Well this won't do," She said, opening the editing feature and quickly changing Kristan's hair color to ginger and shortens it into a bob cut. "There, better!" She said to herself before hitting save and leaving to go to bed.

"Great, now nobody will recognize me!" Kristan cried.

Story by Star-child
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (6236x4167)

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