Kim vs. Ramona and Envy

After a bit of time passed, Envy left Kim and Ramona inside the glass jar from the potion at the venue to grab a few items nearby before returning home. The two girls waited wondering what was going to happen, when suddenly Kim started to grow. This must have been more side effects from the potion.

Being still trapped in the jar, Kim quickly grew to fill the jar while Ramona was pinned to the glass and against Kim’s butt. Eventually the glass broke, and Kim was rapidly growing. She even grew more than her original height and still had her curves.

Kim takes a moment to appreciate being big again and goes to her bag she left to grab another potion and waits for Envy to return. Ramona notices Kim seems to have no desire to restore her, so she hides in hope of finding a way out of the situation.

Envy returns and is surprised by Kim’s size and has no time to react to Kim throwing a new potion at her shrinking her. Envy is shrunken down to the same size as Ramona and loses her clothes in the process as well.

Kim spends a bit of time finding the two but succeeds and places both Envy and Ramona on a nearby table. Kim tells them that this potion should do the trick and should have a more permanent effect. The two girls frantically try to run while Kim is about to smash them with her boobs by dropping them on them from a height. Unfortunately, Kim is also oblivious to the fact that the potion has spilled in the chaos and is about to drip on her...

Story by Tmancrusher
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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