Kim and Ramona vs. Envy Adams

The mysterious knocker turned out to be none other than Envy Adams, Scott's evil ex! She went to the stage to check a few things before her next concert when she found Kim and Ramona still the same sizes from their recent fight. The two small girls quickly realized who it was and tried to make a dash, but they were quickly spotted by Envy. Envy saw the two girls and, having a slight idea of what happened, grabbed the remainder of Kim's potion and tossed it on both the tiny fighters as they tried to run. The potion shrank Ramona further down, only being to Kim's knee in height now, but had a stranger effect on Kim. Her body, bust, and butt grew and she stayed the same size, a strange side-effect from the potion. The two were shocked by the sudden change and had no time to run from Envy, who put the empty potion over the two. Envy leered at the two tiny girls and wondered about the fun having two of the closest people of Scott Pilgrim in her clutches. Kim and Ramona were thinking the same as they looked upon the giant (at least to them) Envy and wondered what they could do to get help. To be continued?

Story by Tmancrusher
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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