Keeping Her on the Down Low

My graduate research assistant came to the lab before going home after a night of clubbing with her friends. I hadn't intended on testing the organic compression ray on Amy, but she came through the wrong door, right as the test commenced. From the control room, I watched on the monitor as she started contracting into her sweater, her skirt and panties sliding down her legs. She stared in shock as her formerly-tight sweater grew baggier and slipped off one shoulder... and then the other.

I powered down as quickly as I could. I wasn't trying to compress anything that night; I was only monitoring power consumption, which had been steady. I had no idea Amy was going to come by, and I certainly had no idea how small she was going to get.

Once the ray was turned off, I raced to the chamber. I found Amy naked on the floor, surrounded by the rumpled ramparts of her clothes. Standing about seven (maybe eight) inches tall, she was no longer shrinking. There hadn't been any previous tests, so I didn't know if her size was stable or even if she could be grown back. Despite the ray's unplanned success, I couldn't tell anyone. The ethics committee would revoke my tenure.

"What do we do?" she asked, her eyes pleading up at me. There was nothing else I could do; I had to take her home and care for her while I continued to work on the project, hoping to restore her as soon as possible. Before anyone else came by, I scooped her up with one hand and unzipped my pants with the other. Her eyes bulged upon seeing what was inside, and I won't lie: my fingers wrapped around her hot little body aroused me.

"Oh my, Professor," she said coyly, "I had no idea." There wasn't time to waste, and as I dropped her inside my briefs and zipped back up, I could feel her squirming around as she said, "I hope I get extra credit for this."

Story by Scidram
Artwork by inksGirls

High resolution (3300x5100)

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