Justice Is Best Served Shrunk

The news of Sizecon was on the news for the week. While the unveiling of the "Size-Remote" would prove to give Sizetek its biggest profits ever, the real highlight of the convention, and what was on the news, was what happened during the official unveiling.

During the middle of Kate McGowen's unveiling she was "attacked" by someone dressed as the Pixie Witch. To stop the tiny woman, Kate grabbed the Master Remote to shrink Tina smaller, but this only managed to backfire as Kate started shrinking into her suit, going from her high heeled six feet to a mere nine inches no matter what button she pressed to stop it.

As Kate McGowen publicly shrank, the giant screen on the stage behind her was switched from showing the company logo to a video from a few years earlier of a college-age Kira, who was recording her first successful attempt at using the prototype of the remote to shrink herself. As the video ended, a live-feed was turned on, held by Tina dressed as the Pixie Witch as the taller Kira, dressed as the Fairy Knight flew down to Kate McGowen, who was clutching her underwear as she crawled out of her suit. Kira, towering over Kate now stood in front of the little CEO as the camera came closer.

"This is what happens when you steal years of my work, and now the whole world knows it. What's your next move, Kate?"

Story by Doll-Elf
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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