Just a Small Dance

Taylor was having a normal night at work until her boss told her someone requested her in the back. It was her ex-husband Zach. He was waiting in the back room with two drinks. She said, "What are you doing here?"

He said, "I'm here for a little dance."

As he waved a $50 bill, she reluctantly accepted. "Give me that," she said and took a sip of the drink. Little did she know that Zach had slipped a shrinking potion into the drink.

As the music started playing, Taylor started shaking her ass, but all of a sudden, she felt a little bit warm inside. As she grinded on him, she felt him getting bigger. She turned around and, to her surprise, he seemed larger. It was kind of turning her on. As she kept shrinking and grinding, the once six-foot-five-tall Amazon was now barely five feet tall.

Then Zach said, "You used to have a giant ass, but look at you now." He grabbed her and put the now four-foot woman on his lap.

Taylor was afraid but couldn't help grinding on Zach's crotch as she got smaller and smaller.

Story by Rooster cog
Artwork by Altercomics-Gabriel Rearte

High resolution (3511x5093)

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