Job Duties

“Ah, Kate. Please have a seat.”

Jennifer smiled demurely as Kate, her new personal assistant, walked into her office and sat down next to her on the couch.

“I’ll get straight to the point. I chose you because I was intrigued by you,” began Jennifer. “You were most illuminating, particularly on the concepts of murder and sex.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” smiled Kate.

“Simply put, I think you are a perfect fit. But be warned, as my assistant, you will be commanded to do demeaning tasks. Tasks that may challenge your moral compass. But you will be rewarded with power, money, and sex beyond your wildest dreams. Do you accept?”

“I do,” said Kate eagerly. She was thinking longingly about Jennifer’s reward of sex and hoped it would be with her.

Jennifer pulled a small vial from her blazer. “Then drink this.”

Taken aback, Kate furrowed her brow. “I’m sorry?”

“This position requires certain skills. This formula, newly developed by me, will give you those skills.” Jennifer leaned in, a seductive half-smile playing on her lips. “And those skills won’t be used solely for business...”

Enamored, Kate took the vial and swallowed it all. Immediately, she felt a strange tingle cascading down her spine, stretching to every inch of her body. It was like someone was growing a new limb to her body. Hesitantly, Kate tensed her entire body...

...and she shrank. And shrank. Right out of her clothes into darkness. She didn’t stop until she was an inch tall. Shocked, she climbed up her lacy panties and her skirt until she saw light.

“What the fuck?” cried Kate. She forgot to cover her naked body, because she was dumbfounded by the sight in front of her. While she had been shrinking, Jennifer had stripped naked herself. Compared to Kate, the CEO looked like a giantess. Kate gazed at her new boss, reclining smugly on the couch, unashamed of her nudity.

“One of your tasks will be to pleasure me when I want it,” smirked Jennifer. “That formula you drank has given you the ability to alter your size at will, and increases your molecular density to prevent you from being crushed. Why don’t you try putting your new powers to good use, little lady?”

Kate stared... then smiled. She knew what Jennifer wanted. And she wanted it too. She wanted to please Jennifer, and the thought that she could pleasure her boss in a way nobody else could was making her wet. Without a second thought, Kate ran down her skirt, hitting the cool leather couch cushion, and continuing full speed, right in between Jennifer’s thighs. The giantess watched with true satisfaction as Kate launched herself right at Jennifer’s pussy... and squeezed herself inside.

Inside, Kate found she could stand up. The scent was intoxicating. Smiling to herself, Kate began slowly moving through the cavern, admiring the sight of Jennifer’s slick walls oozing fluids. She didn’t care how Jennifer had done this; pussy-diving was amazing. And this power was hers and hers alone. She ran her fingers along the walls, gradually increasing the intensity of her strokes. Kate enjoyed the tremors that accompanied every touch. She could hear Jennifer moaning with heightened pleasure, and soon enough, Jennifer came. The fluids swept away Kate and she was expunged from Jennifer’s pussy, landing in a puddle of her cum.

“God, that was amazing,” breathed Jennifer, “Now, don’t bother growing back yet. I want you to sneak downstairs and spy on everyone.”

Kate grinned. “At once, ma’am!”

Story by ShadowStaff
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (2480x3508)

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