I'm Activating a Shrink on the Magician Gal

Duel Monsters is a card game in which monsters materialize in solid vision. And on rare occasions, the cards can be inhabited by spirits. This Maji-Maji-Magician Gal is one of them.

And this Magician Gal had a special sexuality. At night, the materialized Maji-Maji-Magician Gal was having sex with the master. She was giving the Master's penis a blowjob, and she activated the magic card she was having. "I'm going to activate my Quick Magic Shrink, targeting me and shrinking my body."

Her body shrinks under the effects of the magic cards. Her clothes and wand don't get smaller, only her body gets smaller and smaller, so her clothes come off, revealing her nakedness. Master's penis became even more erect at the sight of her little nakedness. "Haha, Master's penis's attack power has increased. My shrinks have stopped, and the battle continues!"

Shrinking to about as tall as his penis, the Magician Gal went straight to his master's penis and rubbed it all over her body! The master ejaculated with such pleasure that the Magician Gal was bathed in a great deal of semen. "I am now finished with my turn. Then the effects of the contraction will wear off, and my body will return to its original size."

She spreads her legs and puts her hand on the prone card, showing her vagina to the Master. "But if the Master activates this card, I won't be able to return to my original size. I'm still small and shrunken, and I'm still a small body." Emphasizing the words small and shrunken, she asks the master to provoke, to seduce.

"Furthermore, when combined with other cards, I shrink even smaller. To the size of a bug, or even less. Master, do you want to keep me shrunken? Or would you like to shrink me further?"

Story by seta
Artwork by J. Mariano Luengo

High resolution (3300x5100)

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