Humiliating Darkness

Darkness's behavior had ticked off Kazuma for the last time! He decided to give the masochistic crusader exactly what she wanted, and devised a potion with Wiz's help to give her. After having Darkness drink it, Kazuma asked her to go to the Guild Hall to find a quest for them. And, just to make sure she'd trigger the potion's effects, he told her that she could look for a monster extermination quest where she might have to throw herself in harm's way to save her teammates.

Darkness did as she was asked, wondering about the strange potion Kazuma had convinced her to drink. She secretly hoped it was something that would make her helpless and an easy target for abuse. Little did she know how right she was.

As she reached the guild hall, her thoughts were already beginning to churn, as she imagined being perhaps whipped by magical weapons that would pass through her armor to strike her unprotected flesh. Darkness looked over the requests on the bulletin board, unknowingly salivating at the prospect of being trampled by wild horses.

A clang next to her, and to her shock, Darkness realized her winged shoulder pad had fallen off! The potion was beginning to take effect and was using the Crusader's lewd, masochistic thoughts to give her a humiliating experience she would never forget.

Darkness looked around the Guild Hall, wondering if anyone was noticing her armor falling off, when she noticed something herself. The normally statuesque beauty was having to look up at things she'd been able to look down on before! Men who were usually eye level with her now required her gaze to be aimed upward. Her mouth fell open in shock as her armor fell off her body. The noise was starting to rouse the attention of the other people, and Darkness shrank further, not knowing this was the entire purpose of the potion! She clung to her underclothes until she was too small to hold them up.

As the crowd gathered to wonder what was happening to her, the nude little Darkness stared up at them, trying her best to preserve her modesty and wondering if this would ever stop! She had never been so mortified in all her life!

Story by Nucular Carmul
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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