Hank and Janet's Tiny Sex Story

After the Avengers saved the world from Galactus, Hank and Janet, being among the Avengers' greatest heroes, found themselves constantly engrossed in inventions and projects. This left them with very little private time together.

About two weeks after these events, Janet began to feel lonely and longed for more quality time with Hank. She wasn't sure how to approach this until she stumbled upon Hank's Ant-Man suit and her own Wasp suit. She devised a plan to spend time with Hank and inject some fun into their lives. Janet texted Hank with a cheerful message, "Hey Hank, can you please come home? I have a surprise for you!" with a smiley face at the end.

Five hours later, Janet had modified the suits with a special button that she believed would enhance their adventures. As soon as Hank returned home from his work, Janet rushed to greet him, saying, "Hank, I'm so glad to see you!"

She hugged him tightly, and Hank, bewildered, inquired, "Janet, what's got you so excited? You mentioned a surprise, right?"

Janet led Hank to the bedroom, where their Ant-Man and Wasp suits were waiting. Hank grew increasingly confused. Janet instructed Hank to change into his Ant-Man suit while she went into the bathroom to put on her Wasp suit. Hank complied and changed into his Ant-Man suit without the helmet. He was concerned about what Janet had planned and asked, "Janet, are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Janet nodded and replied with a smile, "All right, see the button on your palm? We need to press it at the same time."

Hank cautiously followed her instructions, and after counting to three, they both pressed the buttons. To their surprise, Hank and Janet began to shrink, exiting their suits and becoming fully naked and tiny. Hank, feeling vulnerable, remarked, "Uh, I can't see."

He crawled out of his suit as Janet did the same. Hank looked at his naked, shrunken body and felt self-conscious. Janet, on the other hand, smiled and said, "It worked! It actually worked!"

Hank, who had never shrunk while fully unclothed before, began to feel nervous. Hank stammered, "So you wanted to shrink us while we're naked?"

His cheeks turned red as he couldn't help but glance at Janet's body. Janet noticed his blushing and, feeling bold, moved closer to him, pinning him to the ground and smirking. Janet explained, "You see, Hank, I did this for a reason—to spend more time together."

She came closer, holding Hank's arms, and he continued, "Janet, this is a lot to take in, but you are quite a cutie." Hank was surprised to see something growing from Janet's back and stammered, "Uh, Janet, there's something behind you."

Janet looked at her back and noticed wings growing out of it. She smiled and said, "Oh, did I forget to mention? We'll be flying as well!"

She embraced Hank tightly and took off, holding him and kissing him passionately, showing him a unique and exciting time.

Story by Nicolas Angiulli
Artwork by ArtSteady-Andrea Errico

High resolution (2894x4093)

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