Graduation Party

Dr. Elizabeth Forrester had long scoffed at grad student Jessica Stein's ambitions of developing a shrinking formula. Their disagreement culminated in Dr. Forrester failing the essay in which Jessica explained the principles and mechanics of shrinking. "Shrinking is impossible," Dr. Forrester said, "and if you think you can turn in this nonsense in my class and pass, you've got another thing coming."

Despite this, one year later, Jessica successfully developed her shrinking formula. She had a PhD, several job offers from prestigious universities and research institutes, and the accolades of the scientific community. At the party celebrating her thesis defense, Jessica's friends were served by Dr. Forrester, the (unwilling) first human test subject of Jessica's formula, now reduced to a tiny barmaid. "Well, Dr. Forrester--or Lizzie, as I think I'll call you from now on," said Jessica, "since you're a failure as an academic, I think I'll keep you as my little maid. That's about all you're good for anymore--especially since I haven't developed a regrowth formula yet."

Story by fumbleknife
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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