Going Down For Him

The video started with her setting her phone down and starting the recording. She backed up to a wall where she used some sheets of paper to draw out a ruler. She looked super shy and embarrassed, like she usually did. I could already see her head dipping down. She took a deep breath and pulled the shirt over her head, finally exposing her petite body to me in all of its perfection. Her face turned bright red. Heck, I thought the color or lighting was off because it looked like her whole body was blushing. But more incredibly, she was shrinking at a very noticeable rate.
“It won’t stop…” she mumbled weakly, “Please, I’m getting so small…”

Her shrinking seemed to pick up as she said that. As she dipped below four feet, her hand moved to cover her trimmed bush. She slid her fingers between her thighs, and I swear she shot down a whole foot so fast I thought the video skipped from lag.

“I’m gonna disappear…” she moaned. She was almost two feet tall when she ran over to her phone with a giddy look on her face and turned off the camera.

Story by Raso
Artwork by Yuri Di Curzio

High resolution (3307x5232)

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