Getting Into His Things

Ginger knew her boyfriend, Tom, had a secret he wasn't telling her. Nothing bad, just a secret little turn-on he wasn't telling her about. So when he was at work, she decided to pick the lock on his footlocker and see just what he was so into he couldn't share it with her.

To her surprise (and amusement) she found he seemed to be into the shrinking woman fetish. She laid everything out on the bed and went through it all for what seemed like hours, getting more and more turned on, constantly shifting and moving as her clothing seemed to grow heavy and uncomfortable. She turned on his laptop and looked at the sites he visited, throwing off what she thought were covers she didn't remember putting over herself over her as she did.

It was a little while before she realized that she had started to look up at the screen, and when she finally took stock of the situation, she found she was only 6 inches tall and had unwittingly squirmed and fidgeted her way out of her clothes.

Just then, a huge finger stroked her tiny back.

"Well, well...", a voice said, "Seems a little red-headed mouse has gotten into my things.... Whatever should I do?"

Story by lbh
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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