Garden of Eden

When famous horticulturist Dr Christine Eden’s fantastic new Weed Shrinker got into the human food-chain and shrunk around seven billion people down to mouse size, she took it upon herself to at least help start the world anew.

Down in the greenhouse at the bottom of her garden, she had her colony of pocket people hard at work. Currently, they were harvesting more food than they could ever eat! (She’d take a little for herself too, now that the vaccine to the active agent in the Weed Shrinker was keeping her big).

True enough, it was hard work managing the lives of a gang of Mini Mouse-Sized Misses, but the good Doctor was frankly loving it!

After their feast later, she couldn’t wait to have them all snuggle up in, on and around, her bosom in bed and watch a movie on her giant laptop!

Sighing happily, she stepped into the greenhouse to see how the new itsy-bitsy Human race was getting along.

Story by Comrade
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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