Game Night

"Hello, girls!" Samantha said when her friends arrived for their long-planned game night. She hadn't seen her three friends Sarah, Carol, and Tamika in a long time, and in the past they had often hosted game nights like this. It had been a little while, so it was nice that the four of them could get together again.

"Hey Sam, Sarah and I arranged for snacks and drinks," Carol said, "while Tamika got hold of the new Gamestation!"

"It was a huge effort!" Tamika put in, "This thing is nowhere to be found, but I was able to order a console over the Internet. I think it came from China or something."

"Uhm, Tamika... whatever you bought there... isn't the new Gamestation. It looks more like a bootleg from a last generation console..." said Sarah.

"Yeah, and check out the games: 'Super Shrink Fighters'? What kind of game is this supposed to be?" Carol could barely hide her laughter.

"Oh no! I'm sorry..." Tamika whined. "I should have checked the pictures more closely."

"Hey, it doesn't matter," Samantha offered. "The main thing is that we are together again, so go ahead and play a round while I get the pizzas!"

The three connected the console to the television and started the game up.

"Geeze, this really is a rip off." Sarah said. "Even the characters look familiar."

"I don't know any of them..." Tamika replied. "And I've never played anything like this."

"Oh, you and your phone games... it's fine, just press the buttons. These are party games. They always work."

When they started the game, a strange warning appeared on the screen.

“Warning: this game offers an unprecedented immersion. Players are connected to their characters in unexpected ways.”

"What does that mean?" Carol wondered. "...what nonsense, just load already."

The game was a classic multiplayer beat 'em up, it seemed. Sarah came straight into the game and dealt a few blows to Carol's character, which immediately lost its size.

"Ouch!" Carol shouted. "Ok, you got me. And now we see why the game is called Shrink Fighters..." What neither Carol nor the other girls noticed was that Carol had lost a few inches herself, her socks starting to slip as her legs got shorter. As she unconsciously moved into a more comfortable position, her shorts slid down, exposing part of her buttocks.

Tamika had never been much of a player, but always enjoyed the four girls being together. That said, she was completely lost in-game. While her character was walking around randomly on the screen, Sarah and Carol's special moves caught her from both sides. Her character shrank almost beyond recognition and the words "Game Over - Player 3" appeared in the corner of the screen.

"Whoa! Sorry, Tamika. We totally nailed you there."

"Well, I... oh, I'm getting a little dizzy right now..." Tamika mumbled.

In fact, it seemed to Tamika that the world was beginning to grow around her. The controller in her hand grew bigger and bigger until she had to put it down. Her shirt slipped off her shoulders, revealing both of her breasts. Tamika made a squeaky sound... and noticed that her voice had changed as well, becoming much quieter and higher. Suddenly, it got dark as Tamika continued to shrink and sink into her clothes. She could hear the other girls mocking each other and being completely absorbed in the game. Tamika knew that she absolutely had to warn her friends. When she climbed out of her clothes, she realized just how huge the living room was at her current size. The others would never notice her from their seats, so Tamika decided to climb onto the controller, hoping to make herself noticeable.

While jumping up and down on the controller with her squeaking voice to warn the others, she could see that Carol had already shrunk by half, her shirt hanging from her shoulders and her bottom completely bare. Sarah had also been hit, albeit not as badly, with her socks beginning to slip off her feet and her shirt already sagging enough to show one of her breasts. Sarah's glasses would soon slip off her nose, at the same moment Samantha came back into the living room, loaded with pizza boxes.

When Samantha saw her shrunken friends, she stopped abruptly and uttered "What the f--?!" Sarah let herself be distracted and looked at Samantha, just as Carol called out "Got you!" and defeated Sarah's character with a finishing move...

A little later, the four girls were standing together at the table around the pizza. More precisely, Tamika and Sarah stood on top of the pizza boxes on the table. Each of them were smaller than a slice of pizza, while Carol could at least look over the edge of the table as long as she was standing on a chair.

"Okay, girls..." Samantha said as she looked up from her laptop. "...I emailed the manufacturer. Unfortunately, since the New Year celebrations are in progress in China, I wouldn't expect an answer until sometime next week. I hope you all planned to take this time off work completely, because it seems like you three will be staying with me for a little longer."

Carol called. "I might pass as a very small dwarf, but Sarah and Tamika are smaller than dolls! What the hell are we going to do for a week like this?!"

"Well..." Samantha said with a smile "...I think I've got some very fun ideas..."

Story by callrudy
Artwork by Altercomics-Churin

High resolution (3855x2748)

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