Full Moon at the Black Lily

It was another turn at the Black Lily Ranch for Kurusu, and he wasn't looking forward to the next week of work despite the fact that a lot of men would kill to be in his place.

He wouldn't just be surrounded by the attractive women who usually work at the farm. This time, even a couple of his beautiful and really jealous claimants came to the farm. Even if their excuses for being there were rather obvious, a couple of extra hands around the farm are always appreciated.

Some days pass, and the girls begin to get along pretty well. That is, before the full moon occurs.

It's almost common knowledge how the satellite enhances the strength and libido of demihumans, so it was not a surprise that (after nearly all girls chased and lost Kurusu in an empty area of the stalls) they'd begin to blow off some steam amongst themselves.

Story by Jackhall
Artwork by Altercomics-FRANTIC

High resolution (5033x7500)

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