From Literal Mt. Lady to Molecule Lady

The professional hero Mt. Lady was given an experimental device created by genius inventor Mei Hatsume. The device in question was designed to increase Mt. Lady's Gigantification Quirk to its maximum. Although there were risks, the pro hero was more than happy to use it. Not only could this make her even bigger and more powerful than ever before, but it'd also let her get one over on her rival, Midnight.

Much to Mt. Lady's glee, the device worked and her usual limit of just over sixty feet was completely smashed as she grew to the size of an actual mountain. This made her not only the world's strongest hero, but also the one capable of the most destruction. Even so, she was still willing to use her immense size for good.

After having her fun, Mt. Lady began to shrink down. As she did, she began to be surrounded by not just the press- who were curious how her powers had been increased- but also by her adoring fans. Everything seemed to be fine at first... until she began to realise that she hadn't stopped shrinking, even though she had returned to her normal size!

Nothing that she did could stop it, and everyone there was powerless to help as the once-colossal super-heroine completely shrank from sight.

After shrinking past the world of micro organisms, Mt. Lady now found herself in a world of molecules that could only be seen with the most powerful of microscopes. She didn't care too much about being the first person to experience this: all she wanted to do was return to her normal size, even though she was still shrinking smaller and smaller.

As Mt. Lady continued to shrink, she couldn't help but wonder what she would find. Would she shrink to the point where it was impossible for her to shrink any smaller or would she discover something far beyond her comprehension, and that of the entire scientific population of Earth?

Story by a0040pc
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (3300x5100)

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