Freedom with Benefits

Cassandra the Pixie always wanted to be more than a captive at the tavern she was forced to work at. While she was taken care of, she was basically little more than a toy to the ones who she was obligated to do "work" for. It was like this for about fifteen years.

Then one day, a strange woman came by. It seemed like just another customer for Casandra, just wanting to use her for pleasure. But then the customer did something strange. Most customers just treated her as nothing more than a toy and then went about their business. But this one... actually acknowledged her? The thought of that alone was enough to intrigue Cassandra... excite her even! But then Cassandra heard who she was when they got up to the room...


Story by EstherAria
Artwork by Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Slasher

High resolution (2894x4093)

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