Dwindling Hope

Hope cursed as another wave of sexual energy passed through her. She felt the standing pole grow in her hand, and the world grow around her. When she entered the subway car for her morning commute, she stood five foot nine, but that was before the car filled up with passengers. She didn't know what set her off. Maybe one too many strangers brushed up against her, or maybe it was the movement of the train itself, but the switch had been flipped, meaning she would slowly shrink until she could climax. Hope now found herself surrounded by figures towering over her. Her hands had already disappeared into her suit jacket, and only the press of bodies kept her skirt on her waist.

How small was she? Five feet?

"It's okay," she told herself, "Next stop, I'll get off. And get off. I just need to find someplace private. I'm still 'normal.' My clothes don't fit, but I'll figure that out once I can--"

Just then, someone bumped into her from behind, pressing her body into the pole. She felt a surge of pleasure, and the tell-tale feeling of clothes expanding over her frame. "Shit, shit, shit, shit!" she cursed as her glasses fell off her face. The pole was so big she couldn't get her hands around it, and the people around her loomed over her like giants.

"Don't panic, don't panic. So, I'm a bit on the short side. I can wear my shirt like a gown." Hope fished her phone out of her handbag, which was now the size of a duffel bag to her. The phone was like a tablet in her hands, but she was able to open the ride-sharing app. "I'll just ask for a lift from 22nd and Kendall. One more tap to confirm, and..."

The train lurched to a halt. An intense wave of arousal coursed through Hope. Her phone fell from her hands and grew to the size of a monitor. Her skirt pooled around her legs, leaving her clutching her tent-sized jacket around her. She was looking UP to see belt buckles and handbags above her head... and they were still rising, meaning she was still dwindling. She had never been anywhere near this small before. "No one even sees me down here. I still have time to make a run for it. I'm big enough to climb stairs."

The doors opened, and Hope found herself tangled up in her own clothes.

"No, no, no, no!!! I just need something to cover myself." She freed herself from her outfit, her nude figure dodging giant legs to where she spotted a piece of cloth the size of a bedspread.

It was her panties.

Departing from the train wasn't an option now. She realized she was too small to leap over the gap to the platform. Hope had no choice now. If she didn't orgasm soon, who knows how small she would get. She crawled into her own underwear and began furiously masturbating as the feet around her grew to the size of cars, then of houses, then of mountains...

Story by AvoidingRealWork
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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