Don't Let the Rain Get You Down

Having always been a tall girl, Natalia wanted to surprise her date. After a bit of searching, she found a shrinking potion online that claimed it would bring her down to about 5 feet tall. Natalia drank it quickly before heading to the dress shop so that she could have the perfect dress for her new petite height.

Her sexy new dress secured, Natalie was heading back to her car when she started to feel a strong tingle rush though her body. She was disappointed when it seemed as though the potion was already wearing off... until she stepped out of her (now oversized) shoes! She rushed to her car, but another wave of tingling hit her and her rate of shrinking increased.

Now under 3 feet tall, Natalia struggles with her dress and keys in the rain, trying to reach her car's door handle...

Story by Mtshrink
Artwork by Marco Baldi

High resolution (2480x3507)

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