Doll Nightmare

Lina worked at a Hobby Shop that sold arts and craft supplies as well as doll making supplies. Two things creeped her out: one was a rack of cheap naked 6-inch dolls that hung in clear plastic bags on a rack in view of the cash register; the other was a regular customer called Tabetha.

She had looked and dressed like someone out of the Victorian era. She was a doll maker and spent a lot of time there buying supplies. One night, as Lina was about to close and was straightening up her counter, Tabetha suddenly placed her items, including one of those dolls in front of her, startling her. When Tabetha asked if something was wrong, Lina tried to just laugh it off, saying how those dolls creeped her out.

Tabetha smiled at this, drawing her fingers over the doll's bag as she said, "Oh, but you can make her anything you want, such a pretty little blank slate."

Chilled by her strange demeanor, Lina said nothing and cashed her out. That night, Lina had the first of several strange nightmares. She found herself naked and standing in a hanging plastic bag. Behind her, other bags with dolls her size hung behind her. She screamed for help, but the now huge store outside the bag was empty. She tried to pry at the cardboard holding her bag and clawed at the plastic, but she could not break free. Suddenly, a huge hand took her bag from the rack, and Tabetha's face filled her view.

She pleaded for her to release her, but Tabetha merely smiled in at her and said, "Oh my, what can I make of a pretty little thing like you?"

...That was just the beginning.

Story by lbh
Artwork by Altercomics-Eduardo Bazan

High resolution (4400x6800)

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