Diving In

It has been a week since the group arrived back at the Highwind. It was two weeks ago that Cloud Strife watched Tifa Lockhart shrink out of her clothes. Cloud couldn't take his eyes off of Tifa, as she was only covered with her panties as Lulu carried her to the group meet. Tifa regrew in a tent almost immediately after they got there, but this incident gave Cloud an idea: Cloud planned to shrink himself in Tifa's room and watch Tifa change.

He made sure no one was around so he could shrink unnoticed. Cloud had taken off his clothes in his own room, then snuck to Tifa's room, standing next to her bed with the "transform" Materia before using "mini". Cloud continued to shrink himself smaller and smaller, the room quickly expanding around Cloud until Tifa's bed towered over him. Cloud was now four inches tall, and decided it was safest to hide himself with the Materia behind Tifa's dresser... but after a bit of waiting, he got bored and fell asleep.

The ship was still mostly empty as Tifa walked to her room, entering with her clean laundry in her arms. Tifa was glad that she hadn't seen Cloud; she was still a little irked that Cloud ogled her when she was shrunk. Yet, she longed for his touch again. Tifa started to put her clothes away, the drawers on her dresser making a noticeable clack as they opened.

Cloud awoke to a loud noise. "Tifa!" he thought. He couldn't peek out from the back of the dresser because something was in the way, so he climbed up the back of the dresser and, once at the top, hid behind a picture frame. He could see a full-length swivel mirror beside the dresser. In its reflection, Cloud could see Tifa by her bed, pulling out a clean bra and panties. Tifa did not know Cloud was in the room with her as she put on the white cotton bikini panties, nor when she put on her smooth, white push-up bra. She fastened the clasps and went to the mirror, Cloud now finding himself above Tifa at this point. He couldn't help but watch her adjust her massive breasts from a near-bird's-eye view.

"Tifa looks amazing," Cloud quietly said to himself. "Her boobs are gargantuan. I could easily fit in the canyon of her cleavage..."

He was no longer content at just watching Tifa. Cloud began with a running start towards her, then jumped off the dresser and dove into her cleavage at the last second. Tifa finished her adjustments and stood in front of the mirror with her hands on her hips. As Tifa admired herself, she caught something out of the corner of her eye, a split second before Cloud landed and wedged himself into her cleavage, hitting with enough force to cause Tifa's proportionately-enormous boobs to bounce.

Tifa didn't know the offending object was Cloud until she pulled him out, turning him right side up.

"Cloud!" Tifa yelled angrily. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Tifa! I was just..." Cloud began.

"Don't try to talk your way out of this, Cloud," Tifa began angrily, before Tifa noticed his erection, and realized what an opportunity she had. Her expression changed from anger to coyness. With a sly smile, Tifa spoke:

"I see you're happy to see me..."

"Tifa, why are you looking at me like that?"

Tifa did not reply; she just took him by both of his hands between her thumb and forefinger. She started to lower Cloud into her bra, and when Cloud was in position, she let him go. Tifa pushed her finger down between her breasts toward his erection, making sure it was completely enveloped by her breasts, then grabbed his left arm and opened her right bra cup. Tifa stretched Cloud's arm towards her nipple, but it was too short to reach. She closed her bra cup and let the weight of her boob pin his arm to it, then did the same with his right arm.

"Let's see how well you like it in there." Then Tifa began to shake her boobs side to side, following that by bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. Tifa was having fun with the tiny Cloud, who was starting to settle into the motion of Tifa's breasts as she enjoyed herself. Despite all the jiggling and bouncing of her breasts, their weight on his arms kept Cloud in place as Tifa's boobs kept rubbing all over his erection. Finally, Cloud could take no more and began ejaculating between Tifa's colossal breasts, lowering his head on Tifa's boobs in defeat.

Tifa thrust her finger into her cleavage and scraped his cum off, licking and sucking it off of her finger. Cloud watched with shocked eyes.

"That's a good boy, Cloud. Tastes nice, too. Think I'll just keep you in there."

"Tifa, can't you just let me go now and regrow me?"

"No, Cloud. You can stay small. It's punishment for shrinking yourself, sneaking into my room, and jumping into my boobs. Besides..." Tifa blushed, "I like having you in there. So you can stay right where you are." Tifa started to put her shirt on.

"Tifa, wait!" Cloud tried to interrupt, but it was too late. Cloud was now engulfed in darkness. Cloud heard everything as Tifa finished getting dressed, her breasts continuing to jiggle gently as she prepared to leave her room. Cloud's voice, though muffled, nevertheless reached Tifa's ears.

"Next time I'll shrink you!" Cloud yelled indignantly. Once again, to his surprise Tifa responded softly:

"I would like that, Cloud."

Tifa strolled down the hall with the tiny Cloud in her bra. As the day wore on, they both became closer, and with renewed relationship confidence they knew they would be together... always.

Story by TieAvenger
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3300x5100)

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