Diminishing Date

Alma had been set up on a date and had a night on the town with Kaito after meeting on a dating app. The date was a complete success, for both parties, just going to bars and walking around the city, club to club. At the end of the day, night rolled around and Alma decided to go to her date's apartment.

Once they got there, she drank his offered cocktail, and began to feel funny. After some looking around, the date took Alma to his bedroom, at which point she noticed her glasses didn't fit her like they normally did... but, she shrugged it off as her date began to seduce her. Instantly forgotten as they each stripped down to their underwear, Alma got on her knees at the foot of the bed and pulled down his boxers.

Letting his cock spring out, she sucked it off until it got hard, although as she did so, she had a strangely hard time fitting it in her mouth. But she wanted to please him, and eventually just jammed it between her tits. Giving him a good tit-fuck, Alma could feel his penis getting larger and larger as she rubbed her tits against it... along with everything else. Kaito's cock was getting harder to contain between Alma's tits, and she eventually couldn't even be on her knees and continue the tit-job.

Alma had to stand, rubbing and kissing as much of his cock as she could as she dwindled more and more, until she was the size of a tiny doll, standing amidst her own panties on the floor. She looked up at his massive cock, far out of reach, now realizing she had shrunk to the size of a toy.

She didn't panic - with all the drinks she had in her system, the strangeness didn't phase her - and instead she quickly climbed back up and got to work, coiling herself around the comparatively gargantuan cock and pressing her tits against it, kissing glans larger than her head, and continuing to please her date to her heart's content.

Story by Samaru
Artwork by StudioArieta-Mei

High resolution (3300x5100)

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